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    In a trial involving a jury, the judge gives the jury instructions on various issues including the relevant laws, trial process and evidence. In Victoria, these instructions are know as jury directions.

    Jury directions are necessary to ensure a fair trial. Juries need to understand the directions to reduce the likelihood of a miscarriage of justice, which may result in an innocent person going to prison, or even dying in systems where there is a death penalty. Equally, it could lead to a guilty person being released to commit more offences. Miscarriage of justice is by definition unjust, damaging for the participants, and reflects poorly on the justice system.

    However, jury directions can be complex and difficult to understand, and can therefore may not fulfil their main purpose of instructing the jury. To avoid miscarriages of justice, we need a jury direction process that leads to maximum juror understanding.


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    John Law on Wednesday, 20 November 2019 17:39

    Wow, looking forward to future posts!

    Wow, looking forward to future posts!
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    Sunday, 25 October 2020